When an incoming email with an in-reply-to header is received, the target table is read if the message-id is found on the sys_email. If there is no target table, the following exception occurs:

org.mozilla.javascript.EvaluatorException: GlideRecord.setTableName - empty table name

As a consequence, if there is no event created then the inbound actions will not run.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Send an email from the instance and do not include a watermark or a subject with the record number.
  2. Clear the Target Table field on the sys_email record.
  3. Reply back to the instance, ensuring that the in-reply-to header has been added.
    Note that the email is received, but no event created.


Ensure that all outbound email records on the sys_email table have a target table and instance set (not empty).
Alternatively, create a business rule to fill the Target Table field with the value "global" to enable the inbound actions to run. Note that the target and instance value will be overwritten when the inbound actions run.
Note: If an email needs to be "reprocessed" it cannot have a target table of "global." If one of these emails needs to be reprocessed, the event can be created manually in Scripts - Background.
var gr1 = new GlideRecord('sysevent'); 
gr1.initialize(); = ""; 
gr1.parm1 = <email sys_id>; 

Related Problem: PRB1116828

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Jakarta Patch 4

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