Microsoft Azure Alert is a mechanism that ServiceNow implemented to keep all Azure cloud configuration items (CIs) CMDB status in-sync with actual CIs in the cloud.
New Microsoft Alert Mechanism -  Azure Monitor
Microsoft has released a new version of their alert mechanism (Azure Monitor) and the current alert mechanism (formerly Azure Insights) will no longer be supported starting on October 1, 2017. This affects Cloud customers who are using the com.sn_azure plugin with Azure Alerts turned on. 

What issue are you going to face after October 1st?

  • You may not see any VM updates through the CMDB CI and may not receive alerting after Oct 1, 2017.
  • No error is displayed for this issue.

Steps to Reproduce


To determine if your instance may be affected by this change, check to make sure the com.sn_azure plugin is installed with Azure Alerts feature turned on. 

For details on how to configure, see Configure rules using the Azure alert API.

To verify the issue:

  • Go to the Azure portal, login to your Azure account, and start/stop a VM.
  • Check on ServiceNow instance if that VM state is getting updated within 15-20 minutes.
  • If it is not getting updated, you may be experiencing this problem and MS has stopped supporting the old alerting mechanism.


Perform an update set using the following instructions:

For any instance with the Plugin, apply the following update set:

  • Azure alert v1.xml

For any instance with, apply the following update sets:

  1. Azure alert V2 global.xml
  2. Azure alert V2 cmp.xml 

Note:  The update sets are attached to this knowledge base article.

For information about applying an update set, see Commit an Update Set


Related Problem: PRB1151544

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