When a document id field is set to read only via ACL or dictionary, sever side methods, the field shows the sys_id instead of the display value when viewed in a form.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to Service Desk > My Approvals, sysapproval_approver table
  2. Most likely, there are none. Hit All in the breadcrumbs at top of list
  3. Bring up any approval for a change record
  4. Check out the Approving field, the top right of form

If there is no Approving field:

  1. Right Click the form header
  2. Select Configure Form Layout
  3. Move the Approving field from the left to the right
  4. Save. Now the field is on the form

If the field is showing good data, Change Request: CHG12345:

  1. Right click the Approving field on the form
  2. Select Configure > Dictionary
  3. Put a check in Read Only
  4. Navigate back and view the form. The approving field is now a sys_id

This is a common dictionary vs. other read-only setting issue that’s come up for a lot of fields.



Set the field to read-only using a UI Policy, refrain from using the dictionary.

Related Problem: PRB1155488

Seen In

Jakarta Patch 6

Fixed In

Istanbul Patch 11
Jakarta Patch 6

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