When a CI reference field depends on another CI reference field and has the Tree Picker attribute set to true, the downstream/upstream relationship does not work correctly. This was tested against multiple Jakarta instances and was reported after upgrading.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create the following dictionary records:
    Label: CI1
    Name: u_ci1
    Type: Reference
    Reference: Configuration Item (cmdb_ci)

    Label: CI2
    Name: u_ci2
    Type: Reference
    Reference: Configuration Item (cmdb_ci)
    Dependent: u_ci1
    Attribute: tree_picker=true
  2. Add CI1 and CI2 to the problem form.
  3. Open a problem and set CI1 to Blackberry.
    Note: This is an out-of-box demo CI with relationships defined.
  4. Click the magnifying glass next to CI2.

An empty list of downstream and upstream relations appears.


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Related Problem: PRB1109557

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Jakarta Patch 3

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