Attaching a record producer with a variable set to an order guide does not set the expected order for variables. This inconsistency is displayed in question_answer and when viewing the variables through the Variable Editor.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a record producer for Incident.
  2. Create a variable set, and, within the variable set, create three different variables with unique names and order values.
  3. Use the record producer to create a new incident record.
  4. Add the Incident Variable Editor to the form.
    Note the displayed order of the variables.

  5. Ensure that sc_cat_item_producer is not a value included in the property.
  6. Create an order guide.
  7. In the order guide, create a new rule base.
  8. Under Include this item, select the record producer created above.
  9. Click Save or Update.
  10. Use the order guide to create an incident record.
  11. Navigate to the new incident record.
    Note that the variables are displayed in an unexpected order. Values in question_answer show that the order has been set to different values.


If an instance upgrade is not possible yet, and a workaround is required, move the variables outside of the containers. If many items are configured with variable sets, this can result in a lot of work.

This problem was fixed since Istanbul Patch 10. It is recommended to upgrade to one of the latest available version patches.


Related Problem: PRB732841

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 6 Hot Fix 1

Fixed In

Istanbul Patch 10

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