List widgets with multiple indicators do not display some scores if the indicators have different last scores dates.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create two daily indicators with the same indicator source without any breakdowns.
  2. Create two collection jobs. Set one job to collect from 3 months back to 2 days back. Set the other job to collect from 3 months back to 1 day back.
  3. Associate each of the indicators with one job.
  4. Run both jobs.
  5. Create a list scorecard widget. Set the Number Of Periods to 4 and the Period step to 3.
  6. Add both indicators to the widget.
  7. Add widget to dashboard.

    3 scores are missing for one indicator.


When using multiple indicators in one widget, ensure that the indicators have the same last score date. Preferably, put all indicators to compare in the same data collection job.

Related Problem: PRB1177313

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