Setting to false removes images HTML when processing inbound actions and the images do not appear in the email HTML preview 


When the system property is set to false, inbound actions remove the images from the email's body. It removes the images from the HTML inbound actions so email images do not appear in the activity formatter. It also affects the email HTML preview.



You have set is set to false and:

  • You are not able to see the images in the email preview.
  • When appending email.body_htm in inbound actions between [code] tags, the images does not appear.

The property specifies whether to convert inbound email HTML so that email images appear in the email HTML body preview. The system displays broken cid (content ID) links in place of images received when this property is set to false. The format in which the system displays an email image depends on the property setting at the time the email is received, not the current property setting.

This property is an instance security hardening property that converts the images in the HTML Body Preview, showing the cid instead of rendering the image in the email preview in the Activity Formatter when clicking the Show email details link.

property set to false


In order to be able to show inline images, set to true. Note that the comments added by the inbound actions remain unchanged.

property set to true


Alternatively, explain that although emails on the activity formatter do not show the images,  they can be seen by opening the attached images.


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