Notifications are sent to people not in the original recipient list if the included recipients have delegates


People receive email notification of tasks on which they are not the caller nor the assignee.


This problem occurs if:
  • You are the delegate of other users.
  • You delegation record allows to receive notifications.
  • The user you are allowing to delegate is receiving notifications.

The outbound email logs appear as follows:

Notification 'Incident assigned to my group' (xxxx) included recipients as a delegate of another recipient (see "Delegates"): 'John Doe' (xxxxxxx)

Users delegating users can receive notifications on the behavior of another user and added to the notification recipients.


Exclude the delegates from the notification by setting Exclude delegates to true in the Incident assigned to the group notification.

exclude delegates

Warning: Be sure that delegates do not want to receive notifications before making  Exclude delegates active on the notification.



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