Emails from client ignore User email ( and Outgoing email display name ( system properties


Emails from the client ignore the values from the User email ( and Outgoing email display name ( system properties correctly.

For example, emails from the client are set to be sent from ITSM Service Desk ( However they are being sent as IT Service Desk (


Some symptoms are:

  • You have activated the Email Account plugin.
  • You have upgraded the instance to a latest release.
  • Your Email account have been re-provisioned or migrated.


When the Email Accounts plugin is installed, the system ignores the and system properties.


Modify the email account records instead of the the sys_properties records.

Note that only newly generated outbound notifications after the change will reflect the new Email user label and From setting.

  1. Go to System Mailboxes > Administration > Email Accounts
  2. Select the active SMTP account (ServiceNow SMTP).
  3. Change the Email user label field to ITSM Service Desk (or the required value).
  4. Change the From field to '' (or the required value).
  5. Save the record.

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