Microsoft now offers Microsoft Azure integration to ServiceNow. However, although it is not a ServiceNow product, assistance on the integration sometimes is required.

Note iconNote: Microsoft Azure is not a ServiceNow product. For support, please contact Microsoft Customer Support


Some symptoms are:

  • Users cannot log in when clicking the "servicenow" icon in Azure.
  • Auto-provisioning of users is not working.
  • ServiceNow users are not in sync with the users in Azure.

Note that the user auto-provisioning is not an LDAP integration to ServiceNow. The integration to Servicenow needs to create a multiple provider single sign-on record.


Microsoft Azure integration requires several configurations on its interface to allow the integration to work. These configurations are outside ServiceNow so there is very limited control over these settings.


Microsoft Azure integrates to the sys_user table using direct web services. Because the Azure integration to ServiceNow is not a ServiceNow product, there are no settings on the instance that can change this behavior.

Review the instance system logs for any messages that might help to troubleshoot.

The following resources provide information about how to achieve integration from Azure to ServiceNow:

Contact Microsoft Azure support if you need more details on the user auto-provisioning.

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