When making changes to a custom activity and publishing a new version of the activity, in a workflow that uses the activity, right-clicking on the activity and clicking Update Activity automatically creates conditions if changes are made to the condition. The auto-created activity value is "True" instead of "true", which can sometimes cause an error when running the workflow.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to an instance with Orchestration, which enables the workflow activity designer.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Orchestration.

  2. Open the workflow editor and go to the Custom tab. Click the "+" button to create a new Run Script activity.

  3. Provide the required fields on all the tabs. On the Conditions tab, create two conditions using any values.

  4. Publish the activity.

  5. Create a new workflow and use the newly created custom activity created.

  6. Publish the workflow.

  7. Open the newly created custom activity and check out.

  8. Go to the Conditions tab and delete all the conditions.

  9. Save and publish the activity.

  10. Open the newly created workflow and check it out.

  11. Right-click on the custom activity in the workflow, and click Update Activity.

    The system will auto-create a default Always condition. Note that the value of the condition is "True" instead of "true".



  1. Log in as admin.

  2. Go to /

  3. Click the filter icon and create the filter [Condition][is]["True"]. (Be sure to include the quotation marks so the search is case sensitive.)

    The filter should display the condition record with the condition value of "True".

  4. Modify the condition value from "True" to "true".



Related Problem: PRB1069434

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