The Pre-upgradeCheck feature is available beginning with Jakarta. Downgrading the MID Server from Jakarta to any pre-Jakarta releases fails because the MID server attempts to download the file in earlier releases in which it is not available.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Connect a MID server to a provisioning instance in Jakarta (MID server up and validated).

  2. Request an upgrade to any pre-Jakarta release, for example, Helsinki.

  3. After downgrading to the pre-Jakarta instance, look at the MID server record.

    Note that the MID server failed and is down. The MID server log contains the following warning message:

    09/12/17 15:33:00 (303) AutoUpgrade.3600 WARNING *** WARNING *** Method failed: ( HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found with code: 404




Add a parameter to the configuration file.

  1. Before downgrading the MID server from Jakarta to any pre-Jakarta release, add the following parameter to the /agent/config.xml file in the MID server:

    <parameter name="mid.upgrade.run_precheck" value="false"/> .

  2. Save the file

  3. Restart the MID server service.

    The downgrade now proceeds normally.



Related Problem: PRB1179547

Seen In

Istanbul Patch 3

Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 5

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