How to hide the list collector (slushbucket) default filter from being usable in the 'Edit' button on related lists


Users with access to a table list view are by default able to modify the default filter using the "Edit" UI Action on the related list. For example, navigating to a Release record in your instance ( /nav_to.do?uri=rm_release.do?sys_id=5f18e2fe6fa6ba00141ada0cbb3ee428%26sysparm_view=release ), from the Enhancements related list at the bottom, and clicking Edit.

No List Control options will affect the filter displayed in the slushbucket. This is controlled by the Jelly variable jvar_no_filter which has to be added to the URL for the sys_m2m_template page. The only way to do that will be to override the 'Edit' UI Action for the specific table, and modify the action script.

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In order to override the UI Action and hide the filter, follow the steps below:

1 - Open the 'Edit' UI Action 

2 - In the script section, add the line below just after line 6:

uri.set('jvar_no_filter', 'true'); 

3 - Save the UI Action. This should make the filter no longer visible. 


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