Jakarta - Catalog items are not sorted by order in Service portal when displayed

Steps to Reproduce


With an active Service Portal plugin in Jakarta instance:

  1. Navigate to /sp and click on Order Something.
  2. Click on How can we help you? category name on the left, notice that the catalog items are displayed. But these are not sorted by order set for the catalog items.


Additional information:
In the Istanbul release, the retrieval of the catalog item records was handled by a table query within the widget's server script. In Jakarta that job is handled by a REST call and it was discovered that the order value was being ignored. A permanent fix is scheduled to be included in the upcoming Kingston release. 


A permanent fix is scheduled to be included in the upcoming Kingston release and a potential patch within Jakarta. In the meantime, the development team has indicated that it is safe to use the Istanbul version of the server script if you do not want to wait for an upgrade.

The recommendation is to export the entire SC Category Page widget from an Istanbul instance and import it into the impacted Jakarta instance.

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Jakarta Patch 4

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