If Roles/User Criteria is set on the Category of a particular Catalog Item, the item is still visible in the "Popular Items" widget in the Catalog Homepage in Service Portal.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Make sure Service Portal plugin is enabled.
  2. Find the category called "Tablet".
  3. Add "admin" in the category's "Role" field.
  4. Create a user criteria for role=admin instead of the role field.
  5. Impersonate a user without admin role.
  6. Go to the service portal homepage /sp?id=sc_home

    Observe the Apple Ipad 3 is visible in the Popular Items widget. User criteria seem to hide the Apple iPad 3 the Top Requests section on, however the item is not hidden from the Service Portal.


This is expected behaviour. User Criteria on Category do not affect the item visibility. An item can be across catalog and category, hence the user criteria need to be explicitly set on items, they do not inherit anything from the category.

Related Problem: PRB1173595

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 11
Jakarta Patch 2

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