When you change a sys_dictionary's Attributes values and then attempt to render a page that loads a Glide variable that is affected by the Attributes on that Dictionary record, the value you set in Attributes is not present. and hard browser cache refresh have no effect. Only after restarting the node do the changes begin to render properly on the Glide variable.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to / and search for the entry with the following values:

    • table = sys_user
    • type = collection
    • Attributes contains "ref_auto_completer=AJAXTableCompleter"
  2. Change the Reference auto completer attribute from AJAXTableCompleter to "MY_NEW_BETTER_VALUE" and click Update.

  3. Confirm that sys_schema_attribute_m2m now contains a record where value = "MY_NEW_BETTER_VALUE".

  4. Render the associated Glide variable.

    1. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Tests, start a new test record and click Save.
    2. On the saved Test form, click Add Test Step.
    3. Select Server > Impersonate and click the Next button.
  5. Inspect the User field input element and look at the DOM.

    Instead of the data-completer value having changed to MY_NEW_BETTER_VALUE, it remained AJAXTableCompleter.




For an immediate fix, you can flush the cache by running gs.invalidateCache(). However, this can cause a performance degradation of the node and should be done only if you need urgent relief. 

Related Problem: PRB1034023

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