Service Catalog: Catalog UI Policies do not work correctly if they are dependent on a read-only field.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Set up the following items:

    • Catalog item: Test PRB1082072
    • Variables: test_dropdown_1 (select box), test_text_1 (single line text), test_label_1 (label)
    • UI policy: Set Test Text 1 Read Only – Makes test_text_1 read-only.
    • UI policy: Reveal Label 1 – Makes Test Label 1 visible when Test Text 1 has 'option2' as the value.
    • Catalog client script: Set test text dynamically – Sets the value of Test Text 1 when Test Dropdown 1 changes.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Set up a service catalog.

  2. Navigate to Maintain Items and search for the catalog item Test PRB1082072.

  3. Open the catalog item, and click Try it.

  4. Change the Test Dropdown 1 to Option2.

    The label named Test Label 1 does not appear under the Test Text 1 variable, which indicates that the catalog UI policy 'Reveal Label 1' is not being triggered.




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