Connect chat/support blank page or loading issues

There are a few common issues related to Connect Chat and Connect Support related pages either not loading or showing a blank screen. Here are some steps you can take to rule out and resolve these common issues. These are broken down into a number of cases which can easily be identified by the behavior of the page and console errors. There are two pages that are primarily used for Connect. There is the $chat_support page, which is the one end users see which is normally added as a link to a CMS or portal page. The other is the $ page, which is used for peer to peer and Connect Support agents. There is also the Connect mini window and sidebar, but that should reflect the $ page.


Case 1. $chat_support page it takes a long time to load but does eventually load.

Symptoms: The Chat page takes a long time to load, but does eventually load in about 10 - 30 seconds. Recently moved from Legacy Chat to Connect.

See KB0635449 for cause and resolution. 


Case 2. The page is completely blank after an upgrade. 

Symptoms: The Chat page is completely blank. The following error is in the browser console. Error: [$injector:unpr] Recently upgraded.

Cause: We provide a UI Macro workaround to fix different PRB issues related to chat. We would have provided this in XML form. This should be removed/disabled if upgrading to a version where the PRB was fixed.


  1. Navigate to System UI > UI Macros
  2. Search for and select the one named ng_chat_config or html_page_ng_chat
  3. Uncheck the active flag or delete the record. 


Case 3. $chat_support page stays in loading/connecting... phase after the user initiates the chat.

Symptom: Chat page stays in a loading state after the user entered their initial question. On the agent side, they see the new conversation and can accept and send messages, but the end user never receives them because the page never loads.

Cause: We recently updated the OOB ACL for chat_queue_entry.comments due to some backend changes, and if this ACL was skipped on the upgrade then end users without roles may experience this issue.

Resolution: This can be fixed by updating to the latest version of that ACL

  1. Elevate roles to Security Admin
  2. Navigate to System Security > Access Contol (ACL)
  3. Search for and select the chat_queue_entry.comments read ACL containing the public role and a script. Its sys_id is 77c45f319f031200de5df727c42e70aa
  4. Right-click the form header and select Configure > Related Lists 
  5. Add the Versions related list
  6. Select the version record for the most recent upgrade. It should start with System Upgrades: glide
  7. Click the related link to Revert to this version

Alternate Causes of Case 3:

This can also be caused by the PRB documented in this Known Error Article. KB0655956

This can also be caused by the PRB for this Known Error. KB0634408

Resolution: See the Known Error workaround for more information and if necessary raise a request to Service Now Support in HI


Case 4. $chat_support page does not render correctly in IE.

Symptom: The $chat_support page is misconfigured in IE. See the below screenshot:

Cause: The issue is caused by having Compatability mode enabled in IE. We do not support this configuration with Connect per our docs


  1. Open IE Tools menu, or cogwheel
  2. Select Compatibility View settings
  3. Uncheck Use Compatability View for intranet sites

For more info on compatibility view settings, please contact Microsoft documentation and support.


Case 5. Sometimes when an incident is created from Connect Action a blank page is loaded in the $ page.

Symptoms: When an agent uses the Connect Action to create a new incident from the chat, they sometimes get a blank screen instead of the record in the $ page.

Cause: The issue is caused by a bug when the initial message from the end user contains quotation marks: PRB726138 fixed in Jakarta. 

Resolution: See workaround provided in KB0635110

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