Certain records in the skipped records list for an upgrade to Jakarta are showing a disposition of Skipped Manual Merge, which indicates that the system did not load a system property in order to preserve your system’s configuration. This message is most often seen for System Property records with the Is Private field set to true. However, when these records are opened for review, no options are available to resolve the conflict with this record or compare the new incoming record to the existing record on the instance. There is therefore no way from the Upgrade History record to compare and merge the new version of the record with the pre-existing version of the record found on the instance.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Upgrade an instance from a previous version to Jakarta. Ensure that several system properties have been modified on the instance.

  2. Log on to the upgraded instance with an account that has administrator rights to the system.

  3. Navigate to System Diagnostics > Upgrade History and click the upgrade to view the most recent upgrade history record on the instance.

  4. In the lists of skipped records, search for any records with a disposition of Skipped Manual Merge and select one.

    The Sys Upgrade History record for the change is displayed but no options are provided to compare the existing record to the new record.



Because you cannot view the necessary information from the Upgrade History record, use this alternate method.

  1. From the Upgrade Details record, click the Show Related Record link.

    If you are an administrator and unable to edit the related record, the record is in the correct state.

  2. If you can edit the related record, make a trivial change to the description, like adding a period at the end.

  3. Click the context menu icon in the page header and choose Show File Properties.

  4. Scroll down to the related list of versions and select the oldest version.

  5. Right-click on this version and choose the Compare to current item.

  6. Review the changes and, if desired, use the arrow buttons to update the current record.


Related Problem: PRB1156759

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 8
Kingston Patch 3

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