List banner button does not return the value of "current" variable properly, for example, current.short_description returns a blank string even though the current record has a valid short description.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Make sure List V3 is enabled in the instance.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Activate List v3.

  2. Create a UI Action for the Incident table.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Create a UI action.

  3. Make sure that the List banner button checkbox is selected and name the button Test Current.

  4. Include the following code: - gs.addInfoMessage('Short Description is ' + current.short_description);

  5. Go to and select one or more incidents.

  6. Click on Test Current.

    Instead of an info message saying "Short Description is <short description of the selected incident(s)>" the message says "Short Description is " because current.short_description returns a blank string.



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Related Problem: PRB1167051

Seen In

Istanbul Patch 8
Jakarta Patch 1 Hot Fix 1
Jakarta Patch 2

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