As part of an ongoing effort to continuously gather customer feedback and improve our products to benefit our valued customers, ServiceNow encourages qualified existing customers and select partners to be part of our Early Availability Program. In this program, participants are given the opportunity to upgrade to the new ServiceNow product as soon as it is released - before the official market launch.

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Early Availability Program

What is Early Availability (EA)?

  • An opportunity for existing customers (except customer accounts requiring FedRamp certification) and select Partners to upgrade to the latest release before market launch. 

Who Should Participate?

  • Customers who want to take advantage of new features as soon as they are released
  • Customers who have time to upgrade when invited
  • Customers who are willing to engage and report issues/feedback promptly
  • Customers who want to be among the first who are knowledgeable about the new release
  • Partners are selected for EA through their participation in the Technology Partner Program or Partner Testing Program

How Can I Participate?

How Does it Work?

  • Early Availability (EA) program begins when the latest ServiceNow product is available
  • Registered Early Availability participants will receive a "Welcome to Early Availability" email notification once the program begins and be entitled to the EA release build
  • Customers can then schedule their upgrade using the Manage Instances page in HI
    • (Self-hosted customers will work with their account executive and Early Release Manager to obtain download information)
  • During Early Availability, any Cases submitted should be prefixed with  the release name (i.e., "Paris -") followed by description
  • ServiceNow notifies customers if updates are available
  • Customers are encouraged to upgrade to newer versions if notified of updates
  • Market launch marks the end of the Early Availability program
  • At market launch, the release becomes generally available to all customers

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