When using IE11 and using the chat feature, desktop notifications do not display when IE11 is minimized on Windows 7.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Open an instance in Windows 7.

  2. Run IE11 and start a chat with an end-user or ITIL user.

  3. Make sure Desktop Notifications is enabled on your instance.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Enable or disable Connect notifications globally.

  4. Open the same instance in another window.

  5. Use two different end-users/ITIL users to start chatting

  6. In Windows 7, minimize IE11 as if you are using another application

  7. Message the instance that is running on IE11 from your other instance.

    Note that the pop-up window indicating that you received a new message does not appear.



Unfortunately, this browser-related issue is out of SN control and cannot be addressed. Microsoft IE does not support desktop notifications. To take advantage of this functionality, use a different supported browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Related Problem: PRB679071

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Geneva Patch 6
Geneva Patch 7

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