Issue Description:
When clicking on the reference list lookup icon, for example a configuration item, and doing a search for Class is Server in the go to search box returns no results when list v3 is enabled.

During investigation, directly going to the list, for example cmdb_ci, and doing the same search, in the go to search box also returned no results.

Adding the system property glide.ui.goto_use_contains resolves this issue when searching directly from the list. However, if using a change/incident form which contains the reference field to Configuration Item and clicking on the reference list lookup button, doing the same search returns no results for Class name search. Completing any other field search such as Name returns results but checking on the filter breadcrumb, it uses the >= instead of the contains.

If list v3 is disabled, doing the same search in the go to search box returns results.

It appears list v3 still ignores the system property glide.ui.goto_use_contains for reference list lookup popup window.

Steps to Reproduce


Enable list v3 plugin and add the system property glide.ui.goto_use_contains and set this to true

  1. Create a new incident record
  2. Click on the magnifying glass button next to Configuration item
  3. In the go to search, choose Class and search term Server

    The search returns no results.



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