A label cannot be set to mandatory using the variable form but can be using a UI Policy. Once a label field is set to mandatory, it has the red asterisk next to it representing that it is a mandatory field. This does not work on the Service Portal and as such it is a behavioral difference between Service Portal and the instance.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to Maintain Item > Access 
  2. Add two variables to the catalog item 
    • Label
    • Checkbox
  3. Create a catalog UI Policy
    • The UI Policy should be onLoad and reverse if false. The condition should be when the checkbox is false
    • Add a UI Action to this policy, which makes the Label mandatory
  4. Try the catalog item in the instance.
    • Observe how the Mandatory red asterisk is attached to the label and when the checkbox is clicked, it disappears. It also works as expected logically, it does not let the order be submitted without checking the box and flashes the label with a yellow background color.
  5. Open the same item on Service Portal
    • Observe the red asterisk is missing in front of the label, but it works logically. Still, there is no visual cue to say that this field is mandatory. 


This problem is targeted to be fixed in London by PRB700689/KB0622371.

The intent with Service Portal is to enable customers to provide modern, easy-to-use, device agnostic experiences for their end users or requestors. We do not intend to provide full feature parity between the Platform experience and the Service Portal experience. However, we do understand that you may have built out catalog item forms that are fairly complex and do not render well in the Service Portal today. Hopefully, the updates provided in the link below will help you overcome some of those challenges.

If they do not, there is an update set within the link that adds 2 new fields to the sc_cat_item table using iFrames but has changes that mask the iFrame experience.

Before using the update set, please understand:

  • This approach is not a product offering, but only provided as an option to use, if chosen to do so. There is NO SUPPORT for this.
  • This is intended to be a short-term option to continue to use the Service Catalog on the Service Portal, while you set in motion plans to transform your catalog item forms to fit the Service Portal experience.

Related Problem: PRB733374

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Helsinki Patch 2

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