When creating a template with Watch List (glide_list) as a template variable, if there is a comma-separated item chosen, it splices the display name and displays an error : Please enter a valid email address or User.

This limits a customer's ability to set template values for Watch List, especially when they have Last Name, First Name display name format, as it does not allow the customer to select those comma-separated items.

The customer is unable to add items with a comma in the display value to a template for a glide list field. This usually occurs when adding users with commas in their display value to a watch list watch_list watchlist.

Steps to Reproduce


Based on a baseline instance, where the User Name field is calculated based on the values of First name and Last name in the user record. If the display value for the user name is different in the instance working with, the goal is to get a comma to appear in the display value of the user record. Other data may need to be modified if the display column is not the same as baseline.

  1. Bring up the sys_user record for Abel Tuter
  2. Change the first name to Ab,el
  3. Bring up any existing incident
  4. If the template bar is not displayed at the bottom of the form, press the three dots in the header and select Toggle Template Bar
  5. In the template bar, press the + sign to add a new template
  6. In the list of template fields, change one of them to Watch List, in the left column
  7. In the template value field for the watch list, in the right column, either:
    • Use the magnifying glass to select Ab,el Tuter from the list, click out of the value field, back into the field, and out of the field again
    • Type ab into the field to start autocompleter, then select Ab,el Tuter from the list, then click out of the value field

    Instead of Ab,el Tuter being saved as a valid entry in the watch list template field, an error about invalid email, user (Please enter a valid email address or User) and username is partially truncated.


Do not use commas in your user names.

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Related Problem: PRB692227

Seen In

Fuji Patch 11
Fuji Patch 13 Hot Fix 1
Fuji Patch 8 Hot Fix 3
Geneva Patch 7
Geneva Patch 9
Helsinki Patch 1
Kingston Patch 3

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