On upgrade to Jakarta, the CMDB table goes under maintenance as it is migrated to a new extension model called Table per Partition aka TPP. This maintenance can take varying amounts of time depending on the size of the CMDB table. For customers with 1-5M records, the maintenance is expected to complete in less than 1 hr, which is part of the upgrade time. 99% of customers fall into this group so are not expected to have any impact. If the CMDB table is larger than 5M records the migration can take anywhere from 1-8 hrs to complete.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Upgrade pre-Jakarta instance to Jakarta
  2. A fix script runs called z_z_migrate_cmdb_tpp.xml that runs the TPP migration
  3. For instances with 5M+ rows in their CMDB table, this fix script may take 1-8 hrs to complete


There is not a workaround for this issue as it is a maintenance that is part of the Jakarta upgrade. All upgrades should be tested in a sub-production instance with a full clone of production data. This test provides the best indicator of the length of time the upgrade is expected to take. To check the run time of the migration once it completes, look for the following log line for the application node log file that the upgrade ran on:

2017-08-14 16:22:55 (760) worker.2 worker.2 Finished Loading fix: /glide/nodes/okta001_16015/webapps/glide/itil/WEB-INF/update/fixes/z_z_migrate_cmdb_tpp.xml[205738ms]

Related Problem: PRB1151676

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