If an entity, such as a script include, has been customized, then the corresponding sys_update_xml is removed before upgrade. The upgrade process restores the entity to its baseline, but the sys_update_version record is not creaed.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to System Definition > Script Includes.
  2. Open a script include, for example, WorkflowApprovalUtils.
  3. Make a change to the script include.
  4. Click Update.
  5. In the Application Navigator, type sys_update_xml.list in the Filter navigator field and press enter or return on your keyboard.
  6. Delete the entry for the change you made in step 3 , for example, sys_script_include_0360b36d0a0a0b260a89dfec60c339c4.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • Upgrade the instance.
    • Activate the Workflow Runtime Engine (com.glideapp.workflow) plugin.

Note that the sys_update_version is not added for the upgrade for the file. 



  1. Open the entity.
  2. Make a small change to the record.
  3. If necessary, change it back.
    This generates a sys_update_xml record and a sys_update_version record for the entity.

Related Problem: PRB901457

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