Quickly identifying the causes of homepage slowness 


The number one performance issue that ServiceNow admins face is slow homepages. ServiceNow uses a very open homepage configuration model that allows most users unlimited access to set up and change their homepage.


Identifying the gauge or report causing homepage slowness
This three-step process is a useful way to quickly identify which gauge or report is causing homepage slowness.

  1. Navigate to System Diagnostics > Session Debug > Debug Homepage Render.

    Debug Homepage Render

  2. Impersonate the user reporting the issue.
  3. At the bottom of the page, the render time per gauge/report is recorded. Anything over 2 seconds is too slow.



Improving homepage slowness after identifying problematic gauge or report
Following are three common ways to improve a slow homepage after identifying which gauge/report is slow;
  • Add the filter Active=True to make most gauges and reports much faster.
  • Remove the gauge or report from the user's homepage and move the list or report to the user's favorite list.
  • If the user reporting the issue has changed from the default row count to something greater than 20 and the slow gauge or report is a list, try changing the row count back to 20.
    • Navigate to User Administration > User Preference.
    • filter on Name = rowcount and the user
    • filter on the URL then filter on the user

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