For all roles including admin, the Email client does not work without expanding domain scope. Resulting email messages show the status 'send ignored' in the email log. If an email is sent from any ticket (change, incident) and Toggle Domain Scope is not selected (to expand the domain scope when the user's domain is different to the domain of the ticket), the email is not sent. If Toggle Scope is used, then the email is sent.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create two domains (Tech and Customer) that are in different branches in TOP.
  2. Associate an itil user to the Tech domain, and give them visibility to the Customer domain.
  3. Create a user in the Customer domain.
  4. While impersonating this user, create an incident via Self-Service.
  5. Impersonate the itil user, and open the newly created incident.
  6. Using the Email option in the form, click Send to send an email.

The sys_email record reports "User did not press the Send button in Email Client".


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Related Problem: PRB960093

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Istanbul Patch 9
Jakarta Patch 2

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