ServiceNow Mobile Version - Android v3.2

The ServiceNow Mobile Version Android v3.2 release provides fixes for the ServiceNow mobile application.


Download the latest version

To download the ServiceNow Mobile Version Android v3.2 release, visit the Google Play store.


Fixed problems

ProblemShort descriptionDescriptionSteps to reproduce
 PRB1101496SSO is not directing properly on the Android app and users cannot log in When an Android app user attempts to log in to a multi-provider SSO-enabled instance, the user receives an 'incorrect username or password' error and cannot log in. iPhone users are correctly directed to the SSO login page.


PRB1096445 Crash due to network call cancellationThe Android app can crash if a network call is in process when the user switches activities.  
 PRB1104110Non-hierarchical URIs can cause the app to crash when query parameters are retrievedCertain URIs with non-hierarchical formatting can cause the app to crash.  
  1. Load the 3.1.0 version of the Android app.
  2. Connect to an instance as an admin.
  3. Via the navigator, click the test module under url_test.
  4. Click Click me.
PRB1104437 In rare cases the app can crash when a conversation is selectedWhen running on a tablet, in rare cases the app can crash when a conversation is selected and then the activity is closed during that window. 
 PRB1104573App can crash on downloading imagesAndroid app can crash in certain scenarios while downloading an image for a full-screen display. 
 PRB1105168In rare cases the app can crash when publishing to AMB  


PRB1106728 action.setRedirectURL(URL) does not work  UI Actions containing the script "action.setRedirectURL([URL])" do not work in the Android app. A loading icon appears briefly and disappears with no redirection occurring. In the iPhone app the redirection occurs as expected.
  1. Create a UI Action on the incident table as follows:
    Name: Test RedirectURL
    Table: Incident
    Check Form
    Show for: Any
    Check Active
    Script: action.setRedirectURL('https://<instance>'); 
  2. Log into an Android device.
  3. Navigate to any incident and click the form icon.
    The redirect does not work.
 PRB1108276App can crash when handling record watcher changeThe Android app can crash when setting the operation type of the record change object to null. 
PRB1111599 Backing out of a search dialog results in the disappearance of the search icon 
  1. Load the app.
  2. Navigate to Connect
  3. Click the search icon.
  4. Click the back arrow.

Notice the search icon is gone, and replaced by the overflow menu. But the overflow menu cannot be expanded.

 PRB1111707App can crash in performance analytics when undoing a delete   
 PRB1111726App can crash in Navigator activity when search is activatedIn rare cases, app can crash due to the navigator search view expanding. 
 PRB1111747Crash when receiving the "HTTP Error 401" error message in WebViewIn rare cases, app can crash when receiving the "HTTP Error 401" error message in WebView, such as Knowledge.


 PRB1113221Crash on receiving malformed JSON scripts in Approval notificationApp can crash on receiving malformed JSON scripts in a push notification of the "approval" type. 
 PRB1115009Crash on the malformed image pathIn rare cases, the app can crash when given an image path that is empty. 


Fixes included with Android v3.2





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