Connect Support conversation's Short Description using the OOB response.newRecord() api is truncating if using special characters.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Setup Connect support
  2. Make sure Connect support is activated
  3. Create a queue, copy the sys_id
  4. Setup a Chat support group
  5. Add Beth Anglin to the group
  6. Impersonate Abel Tuter
  7. Navigate to ESS
  8. Navigate to the Support queue https://<instancename>$<sys_id>
  9. Submit a chat with:
    I have #101 issues with connect support.
  10. Navigate to incognito and open same instance
  11. Impersonate Beth Anglin
  12. Navigate to Chat support
  13. Accept the chat
  14. Create an incident
    The short description is truncated where the special character is located



var shortDescription = GlideStringUtil.urlEncode(conversation.document.short_description);
response.newRecord("incident", {
short_description: shortDescription,
caller_id: conversation.document.opened_by

Related Problem: PRB713410

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Geneva Patch 7 Hot Fix 2

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