ESS Users cannot save filter using condition builder. 

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Impersonate the user Abel Tuter.
  2. Navigate to any Self Service > Incidents
  3. Click on filter and add a condition.
    For example: Priority is P3
  4. Click Save.
  5. For Save As, give the name – INC_P3.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click List control just above.
  8. Click Filters.

While the INC_P3 filter should be available after saving, it is not. 


  1. Navigate to Self Service > Incidents
  2. Navigate to List Control. Click on Filter – Edit Personal Filter
  3. Click New to create new filter.
    Fill the form with these details:
    1. Title – INC_P3
    2. Filter Conditions – Priority is P3
    3. Submit record
  4. Navigate to Self Service > Incidents
  5. From List Control > Filters, New INC_P3 filter is available.

Note: If user does not get New option at Step 3, then ACLs require on sys_filter table for Create operation to give Create access to users.


Related Problem: PRB952152

Seen In

Istanbul Patch 5

Fixed In

Istanbul Patch 8
Jakarta Patch 1

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