When configuring available fields on case form (sn_customerservice_case), the fields added do not persist.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install Customer Service plugin, com.sn_customerservice 
  2. Navigate to Customer Service > Cases > Create New
  3. Fill form and Save
  4. Under Activity, click Funnel icon > Configure available fields > Add Category from Available to Selected > Save

When clicking the Funnel icon again, Category should be available under activity. It is not available under activity.



  1. Navigate to System Properties, sys_properties.list
  2. Search for glide.ui.sn_customerservice_case_activity.fields property
  3. If the following line appears, then click here to edit. 
    This record is in the Customer Service application, but Global is the current application. To edit this record, click here.
  4. Add the desired field in value by adding a comma. For example, to add Category change value to following:
    • Existing value: - assigned_to,asset,product,state,priority,short_description,comments,entitlement,contract,*Email*,work_notes
    • New Value: - assigned_to,asset,product,state,priority,short_description,comments,entitlement,contract,*Email*,work_notes,category
  5. Save property
  6. Navigate to Case form and check fields under Activity. The Category is available. 

Related Problem: PRB725014

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Helsinki Patch 0 Hot Fix 1

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