The String value (string_value) of the Metric result (asmt_metric_result) table is not available as a value for the 'Group by' option but is available for the 'Additional Group by' option. 

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a report of the Metric result [asmt_metric_result] table.
  2. Set the Group By option value to "String value".
    • Note that the option is not available to select.
  3. Set the Additional group by option to "String value".
    • Note that this option is available here.



Add the can_group attribute to the String Value column of the table.
  1. Navigate to System Definition > Dictionary and access the Metric Result [asmt_metric_result] table's string_value record
    • Name: asmt_metric_result
    • Element:  String_value
  2. Open the record and click Advanced View under Related Links.
  3. In the Attributes field, provide 'can_group=true' as the value of the Attributes field (without quotes) and save.

Related Problem: PRB1072232

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