When making a REST service request, if the content-type is application/xml or text/xml, boolean fields with a value of true come back as empty closed xml tags.


mandatory field is true returns <mandatory/>



Steps to Reproduce

  1. Locate a catalog item with a variable configured
    • Example, Database Server & Oracle License
  2. Copy the sys_id of this item
  3. Pick a variable to make mandatory
    • Example Please Specify Operating System
  4. Configure the variable so that it is mandatory
  5. Navigate to the REST API Explorer, and select the sn_sc name space
  6. Select the Service Catalog API Name
  7. Select the GET method for Specific Catalog Item
  8. Paste the sys_id of the item from step one into the value text field
  9. Notice when the response format field is configured to application/json, there is a response for the active mandatory field
  10. When the response is set to XML, there is a self closing tag on the mandatory node


To workaround the problem, please use the response in JSON, instead of XML.

Related Problem: PRB1073626

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