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The following Frequently Asked Questions are related to the ServiceNow Connect Chat and Connect Support.



  • Why is my Connect related page blank or not loading?
    • Here are some common causes of this issue KB0635589
  • Can both Connect Chat and Legacy chat be used at the same time?
    • Because they have some conflicting processes and cause issues if used concurrently, it is recommended not using them together. Also, close all Legacy Chat records before moving to connect.
  • How was Connect enabled on my instance?
    • Here is KB0647741 which explains how this may have been enabled.
  • How are the fields customized on Record Cards shown in the Connect window ($ (linked records/knowledge and records created from Support)
    • Here is an Article which outlines how to do this. KB0647754
  • How to receive Audio notifications when someone joins the Queue?
    • In HP7, IP2 and above, a sys_property has been added, which can be set to true in order to hear audio alerts when a new chat enters the queue.
  • How is the Average Wait Time calculated for a Chat Queue?
    • There is a business rule named SNC - Chat Queue Average Wait Time on the chat_queue_entry table. It averages the wait time of the last 20 'Work in Progress' chats ordered by opened_at. 
    • Here is a link to the Business Rule: 
  • Can we hide the average wait time for a queue?
    • We do not have a way to completely remove the wait time message, but if you remove the value from the queue record it will just display "Wait time:".
    • You can also edit the business rule "SNC - Chat Queue Average Wait Time" so it does not update when records from that queue are accepted.
  • Can the Service Desk: Call plugin be integrated with Connect Support?
    • In the current version of the platform, Jakarta, the primary table for Service Desk: Call new_call does not extend task and therefore should not be integrated with Connect Support. With a PRB for this, there is potential to integrate the two plugins better in the future.
  • Can the system messages from Connect, such as when a user joins or leaves, be saved in the incident activity created from a conversation?
    • Yes, In HP6 and above, set the sys_property to true and it will have the activity of the associated record store the system messages from the Connect conversation.
  • Can the email notifications for each comment to a conversation after incident creation from Connect be limited?
    • This behavior was brought to development via PRB681459 and marked as an Enhancement for the future but is still a work in progress. Development did provide a potential workaround for the issue via this Known Error KB0657223.
  • Can links in Connect Support conversations point to the Service Portal?
    • We suggest setting up a Service Portal redirect to have record links created or linked in Connect direct end users to the Portal. This will not work for knowledge articles and we do not currently have any built-in functionality for this but plan to implement a better integration with 
    • How to Set Up Servicer Portal Redirect
  • Is there any way to only show the Agent / Users first name in Connect Support?
    • The name used in Connect comes from the Live Profile record of the user so if you edit the live profile record then Connect will only show the first name. This will affect all Connect and Live Feed not just support conversations. For more information read KB0656237


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