"Load Demo Data" with the activation of Orchestration - Client Software Distribution plugin causes Service Creator to show incomplete page

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Service Creator > Category Request and click the New button.

  2. Observe that the page shows five variables:

    • Is this service category for a Department or a group?
    • Department
    • Category name (for example, HR Benefits)
    • Category manager (designates service editors and fulfillers, publishes services when ready)
    • Comments
  3. Activate the Orchestration - Client Software Distribution plugin (with Load Demo Data).

    Note: The issue is with the Load Demo Data instruction.

    For more information, see the documentation topic Activate a plugin.

  4. After the plugin has activated, check the Service Creator again.

    Note that the five variables do not display.




  1. Go to

  2. Change the Catalog Item of the affected seven records from blank to Service Category Request:

    • department_or_group
    • due_date
    • department
    • group
    • name
    • manager
    • comments

Related Problem: PRB1099620

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