Build information:
Build name: Istanbul
Build date: 06-14-2017_1356
Build tag: glide-istanbul-09-23-2016__patch6a-06-05-2017

Issue Description:
In List v2, field styles do not apply alignment (text-align) styles to currency fields.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to
  2. In the new Style record form, fill in the following and submit:
    Table = Request [sc_request]
    Field name = Price
    Value = javascript: 1==1
    Style = text-align: left;
  3. Navigate to sc_request.list
  4. Add the Price column

While the values in the Price column should be left-aligned, they remain right-aligned.


Activate List v3 as the field style alignments work correctly for currency fields there.

Related Problem: PRB1099600

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