When issuing a POST on the work note of a task (for example, incident), the journal data is created but it is not displayed in the task. REST POST/PUT requests do not display a new work_notes added after another update.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. With a user with roles required to run REST API, open the REST API explorer.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic REST API explorer.

  2. Run a PUT operation to add a work_note comment in any specific incident.

    The operation ends with the status 200 successful.

  3. Review the incident to see that the update was inserted.

  4. Try again to insert a new work_note.

    The REST operation ends with status 200, but this time no record is shown in Incident. Subsequent attempts will fail as well.

  5. Using the UI, insert a work note into the same incident.

  6. Try to insert a record through REST API again.

    This time the record is inserted and visible.

  7. Try again.

    The insert will fail to show. This operation will continue failing until an update through the UI is executed.


Instead of inserting the work notes directly via REST API, try updating the work note via a REST call using the import set's API.

To implement the work note through import sets via a REST call using the import set API for incident: 

  1. Create a Transform Map using source incident (u_incident, for example) with the target table as incident.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Create a transform map.

  2. For the column transformation use number and work note.

    Number:Source: u_incident.number 
    Target: incident.number 
    Coalesce: true
    Work Note: Source: u_incident.u_comments_and_work_notes 
    Target: work_notes 
    Coalesce: false
  3. On the REST API, make sure that you select Import Set API from the API Name field.

  4. Click the link Create a record in an Import Set staging table (POST).

  5. From the column list, select number and type the incident number that you want to update.

  6. Add another column and on the list select Comments and Work Notes and type the Work Note.

  7. Click Send.

    Check the incident to make sure that the Work Note was updated for that incident number.



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