If a User creates a custom table in an installed Scoped System Application, for example: Human Resources: Core, it is not possible to delete it - the Delete button is not visible.

The Delete All Records is visible but even after using it to empty the table, the Delete Table button is still not available.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Activate a Scoped System Application Plugin, such as Human Resources Scoped App: Core
  2. Switch Application scope to: Human Resources: Core
  3. Create a new table in Application: Human Resources: Core
    No need to insert any new records in the table.
  4. Navigate to Tables and search for the new table name.
  5. Note that the Delete button is not visible to delete the custom table.

NOTE: This issue affects any custom table created within any Scoped System Application and is not limited to Human Resources: Core


Please contact Customer Support to request assistance in removing a custom table from a Scoped System Application or Scoped Store Application.

Related Problem: PRB762839

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Istanbul Patch 1

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