On random instance, the "None" (or -None- or -- None --) in the choice list will appear with no label (or empty.) This will appear system wide for all choice lists.

Steps to Reproduce


Unfortunately this is a concurrency problem and does not happen consistenly, therefore there are no steps to reproduce.

To verify existance of the issue in an instance:
1) Execute the following script in scripts background:
var choiceList = new GlideChoiceList();

If the script returns either of the following
null :

The instance is impacted.

If the script returns any other value, the issue is likely a random caching quirk that should be fixed by clearing the cache.


Execute the following script from scripts background to recache the proper value.  This workaround should resolve the issue permanently and only needs to be run once.  We do not believe the issue will persist after a restart, but in the event that it does, running the workaround script again after each restart until the issue is resolved permanently.

var choiceList = new GlideChoiceList();
choiceList.getChoice(0).setLabel('-- None --');

Related Problem: PRB1097905

Seen In


Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 2
Jakarta Patch 3

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