If two different users are impersonated and the user who is following a Connect record closes the Follow notification in the Connect bar, and the other user being impersonated triggers a Follow, the user following the record no longer sees the Follow pop-up notification. The 'Following' button still shows on the record's form after this issue occurs, but clicking on it generates different unexpected results in different browsers.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in as the admin or maint user and impersonate a different user, for example, ITIL User or the demo data user Adela Cervantz.

  2. Create an incident as the impersonated user and note down the incident number.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Create an incident from a Connect Support conversation.

  3. Impersonate a different user and open that incident record.

  4. Click Follow button on the form header to follow the incident

    A section in the Connect bar indicates that the record is being followed

  5. Click the X next to the record's Follow section tab to close it and leave the incident.

  6. Impersonate the user who created the incident and post an Additional Comment to the same incident record.

  7. Impersonate the user who was following the incident record.

    Note that the Connect bar for this record does not include a Follow section.

  8. Open the incident/task record.

    Note that the Following button is displayed on the header.

    In Helsinki: The record's Follow section displays on the Connect bar. If you click the Following button, a Java console error is displayed: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'sysID' of undefined". The Following button is also converted to Follow instead of Following until you click it again.

    In Istanbul: The Following button appears on the form, but if you click on it, nothing happens and the record's Follow section does not display on the Connect bar. If you inspect the element, the following Java console error is displayed: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'closeFrameState' of undefined.




Use two different browser sessions rather than switching impersonations between users.

Related Problem: PRB1075933

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