With the com.glide.connect plugin active, during an upgrade the plugin always replaces the connect_action record sys_id=ad602553d70102002ae9602b6e6103a7, even if you have modified it. Modifying this record does not produce a proper sys_update_xml record tracking the update.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Make sure com.glide.connect is active in the instance.

  2. Go to connect_action.do?sys_id=ad602553d70102002ae9602b6e6103a7.

  3. Modify the script in the record and save your change.

  4. Check sys_update_xml.

    A record for a form section change says it is for a Connect Action, but this record and its payload does not include this sys_id.

  5. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins, and open the record for com.glide.connect.

  6. Click the Activate/Upgrade related link, and click the Upgrade button in the Activate/Upgrade window.

  7. When the upgrade is completed, navigate back to connect_action.do?sys_id=ad602553d70102002ae9602b6e6103a7

    Note that the record has not been overwritten and still has the customizations.


Customers can do an "Insert and Stay" on the OOB action to create a copy.  The copy will not be overwritten on upgrade.

Related Problem: PRB1065605

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