With the com.glide.connect plugin active, during an upgrade the plugin always replaces the connect_action record sys_id=ad602553d70102002ae9602b6e6103a7, even if you have modified it. Modifying this record does not produce a proper sys_update_xml record tracking the update.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Make sure com.glide.connect is active in the instance.

  2. Go to

  3. Modify the script in the record and save your change.

  4. Check sys_update_xml.

    A record for a form section change says it is for a Connect Action, but this record and its payload does not include this sys_id.

  5. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins, and open the record for com.glide.connect.

  6. Click the Activate/Upgrade related link, and click the Upgrade button in the Activate/Upgrade window.

  7. When the upgrade is completed, navigate back to

    Note that the record has not been overwritten and still has the customizations.


Customers can do an "Insert and Stay" on the OOB action to create a copy.  The copy will not be overwritten on upgrade.

Related Problem: PRB1065605

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