Connect Support throws error on the end-user's side when an agent accepts the ticket. This issue affects only the browser's title for the window, which is supposed to be changed to {{Queue Name}} - {{Agent's Name}}

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a ticket from Connect Chat.

  2. Answer the ticket with another user.

    Note that the browser displays the following error: "ReferenceError: profiles is not defined".


Test the custom ACLs and ensure that upon incident creation from the chat, all users inside the chat have read access to the newly created incident. Impersonate users who are likely to be using the chat in the appropriate roles in the conversation. For example, the person initiating the chat should be an end user who would normally initiate a chat, and the agent should be an agent who would normally raise that chat, and raise the incident.

Depending on which users are used in testing, the ACL may not pass.

Related Problem: PRB725058

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Helsinki Patch 5

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