When a user replies to an email, the primary method used to find their corresponding record is through a watermark.

However, if for whatever reason this is missing, the subject line is used to classify the emails. Email processing tries to locate tokens based on a prefix and a number. Prefixes are picked from the sys_number table. Then, the subject line is converted on tokens. If one is found, then the Display Value for the associated table is used to locate the target record. If multiple matches are found, the first one is used. If the target record Display value contains spaces, the search does not find it as it looks for an exact match.

Email classified


Steps to Reproduce


  1. On the incident table, set the Display=true on field Short Description. This is achieved by selecting short_description, then create a new Dictionary override on Incident.short_description, and set Overrride display value = true.

    Override the display

  2. Open any four incidents:
    • INC 1: Short Description as INC0010001 test 1
    • INC 2: Short Description as INC00XX002
    • INC 3: Short Description as INC0000003
    • INC 4: Short Description as INC0000003

    Incidents to match as short description is the display

  3. Send any emails to the instance as follows:
    • Email 1: Subject: Re: INC0010001 test 1
    • Email 2: Subject: Re: INC00XX002 test 2
    • Email 3: Subject: Re: INC0000003 test 3 

    Notice the email 1 is classified as New because the value to match contains spaces, the exact search does not matches, and Email 2 is classified as New because the token is not [prefix]+[number].

    Finally, Email 3 is classified as Reply because the search match is exact, with no extra text of spaces, then it returns the first one found as the target to the reply.


Ensure reply emails contain watermarks. If the subject line is used for replies, please select a Display value that is unique and containing values without spaces. The token to identify them needs to be [prefix]+[number]. The target data should be exact as the token, and without spaces.

Finally, set the Display attribute of the table to Number, or the equivalent unique field, that matches a prefix on the Number Maintenance sys_number table.

Related Problem: PRB706598

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Fuji Patch 12 Hot Fix 1
Fuji Patch 13 Hot Fix 1
Geneva Patch 6
Helsinki Patch 0 Hot Fix 1

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