You can create document ID fields to reference any record on any table. Since Helsinki, in a REST response, document_id display value returns <table label>:<display value>. This is different when compared to Geneva and Fuji, which returned <display value> only.

On Helsinki+, it will look Target Record = "User: test test"

Steps to Reproduce

- Log in any current instance

- On imp_user create a new record:
> Set email =, First name = test, Last name = test

- This will create a record on the sys_user table, visible in the User form.

- The new record will show: Target Record = "User: test test"

- in previous releases, it would have shown: Target Record = "test test"


This behaviour is expected and by design of the getDisplayValue method for these glide elements. The document_id will return the display value <table label>:<display value>.

Related Problem: PRB691159

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Fuji Patch 12 Hot Fix 1

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