Live Feed post is not displayed for the sys_template table if any custom Journal Input field exists in the table. If sys_template table has a custom Journal Input field, the Live Feed messages are not displayed.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Enable Live Feed on the sys_template table.

    1. Go to

    2. In the dictionary attributes, add live_feed=true.

      The live_feed dictionary attribute must be set to true for the table.

  2. Enable the Live Feed option to be displayed in the form header of the template record.

    1. Go to

    2. Locate the glide.live_feed.task_header_button property.

    3. Ensure that Value is set to both.

  3. In a template record, activate and post a comment on Live Feed.

    1. Navigate to System Definition > Templates (or

    2. Open any template record or create a new template, for example, TEMPLATE1234.

    3. In the form header, click the ... (More Options) button and choose Live Feed.

    4. Post a comment on Live feed.

      The comment is posted.

  4. Create a custom column in the sys_template table with the following values:

    • Name: u_journal_test
    • Type: Journal Input
  5. Save the changes.

  6. Once again in a template record, activate and post a comment on Live Feed.

    Follow the instructions for Step 3.

    There is no message to display and Live feed posts are not displayed anymore.


Use a Journal field instead of an input field. 


Related Problem: PRB1089121

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