ServiceNow Mobile Version - Android v3.1

The ServiceNow Mobile Version Android v3.1 release provides fixes for the ServiceNow mobile application.


Download the latest version

To download the ServiceNow Mobile Version Android v3.1 release, visit the Google Play store.


Fixed problems

ProblemShort descriptionDescriptionSteps to reproduce
 PRB963582App crashes when a user is null in post auth call The Android app crashes if the resources.current_user property in the post auth Bootstrap call is null. 


PRB961933 Connect Chat activity crashes when dismissing a conversation  
  1. Configure a proxy between the Android app and the ServiceNow instance so that it drops DELETE requests to the chat API (a breakpoint in Charles Proxy on DELETE requests will suffice).
  2. Go into the Chat activity.
  3. Left swipe a conversation from the list to delete it.
  4. Press the back button.

When the request times out, the app will attempt to post a UI notification that the request failed. But since the activity has been dismissed, it will crash.

 PRB963739App crashes when missing hideHeader intent extra when launching RecordDetailActivityApp crashes when the record detail screen is created and the flag whether to hide the header has not been set.  
 PRB991773App crashes when sharing a URL on the record detail pageIf the table property is missing on the record detail screen, then clicking the share button causes a crash due to a null URL.  
 PRB992559App crashes when backing out of record list activity If the back button is pressed while a network call is in progress, the app crashes due to Android lifecycle methods. 
PRB953589 Opening a push notification opens to the form viewOn Android OS, opening a push notification opens to the form view, not the record view. iOS opens correctly to the record view.  
  1. Log into the mobile app on an Android OS phone.
  2. Make a request in Service Catalog.
  3. On desktop, impersonate the "Request Approver" and approve the request.
  4. When the approval notification comes, click to open it.

Expected behavior: It opens to the request record view.
Actual behavior: It opens to the request form view.

PRB956628 Reduce the number of network requests when keeping a list in sync with record changes made by the current user   
PRB1028287 App crashes when starting a barcode scannerIn a rare scenario, when the camera is in use by another app on the device, the app can crash when starting the camera to scan a barcode.



 PRB1001575Modules that link to external sites do not work and display the message 'Not supported'  

In an Istanbul Patch 5 instance:

  1. Create a module called 'Google' with the path of:
  2. Create a homepage module called 'Google' that links to the previously created 'Google' module.
  3. Edit the 'Default Applications' homepage section to include the 'Google' homepage module just created.
  4. Log into the instance on the Android app and tap 'Google'.

A message pops up 'Not Supported. Google is currently not supported. Failed to navigate to web path'.


PRB1058644The 'Up' (<-) button in the top-left corner does not behave correctlyAfter a user on the list of tasks clicks into a record and presses the 'Up' (<-) button to go back to the list, the filter changes based on the record opened. 

In Helsinki Patch 9a:

  1. Create a new favorite for the list of tasks ( in the instance.
  2. Open the app on an Android phone.
  3. Log into the instance from the app.
  4. Open the list of tasks from favorites.
    You can read that the filter is on TASKS (All).
  5. Click on a record (e.g Incident).
  6. Press the 'Up' (<-) button in the top-left corner.

The filter changes from TASKS (All) to INCIDENTS (All), based on the task type users opened before.

 PRB1069271App crashes when attempting @ mention in 'Additional Comments'App crashes when using the @mention functionality to add additional comments to an incident .


  1. Load a released version of the app. 
  2. Load an incident.
  3. Select "add additional comments" from the overflow menu.
  4. Attempt an @mention.


 PRB1077841Connect Chat role restriction is not respectedUsers without a role included in the connect.roles subset are able to launch chat from the profile activity. 
  1. Set the connect.roles property of an instance to "admin", and no other roles.
  2. Log into the instance via the Android app.
  3. Navigate to a profile screen for a user other than the logged-in user.

Observe the chat icon is present, when it should not be.

 PRB1072225The 'Back' button behavior is inconsistent in webviews When viewing certain data in a webview (e.g. Knowledge, Service Catalog), the "back" navigation sometimes takes the user to the home screen instead of the previously browsed page.
  1. Load Knowledge on a demo instance via the app.
  2. Click the IT link (or any other).
  3. Click the "soft" back button in the top-left corner of the webview activity.

Expected behavior: It should take users somewhere else.

Actual behavior: It takes users to the base Knowledge page where they came from.

PRB1016755 The Android app returns an "Invalid Username or Password" error when attempting to authenticate via the SSO integration  


  1. Install Android mobile app.
  2. Install iOS app for comparison.
  3. Configure instance with "Mutli-Provider SSO".
  4. Access instance using both Android/iOS.
  5. The instance returns an "Invalid Username or Password".


 PRB1065478Memory leaks related dependency injectionThe Android app is leaking memory, especially after multiple rotations of the device.  
  1. Load the 3.0 initial release of the app.
  2. Connect a debugger that allows the memory profiling.
  3. Begin rotating the device multiple times.

Observe the memory consumption is increasing.



 PRB1070442App can crash in certain socket timeout scenariosIn some cases, when a network connection fails, the app does not properly handle the exception and can crash.  
PRB1066834 Memory leak and malfunction relating to filter activityOn a device rotation, when on the filter screen, memory can leak and the 'count' of matching items does not update.
  1. Load the filter activity and create a filter.
  2. When the FilterSetFragment is in view, rotate the device.
  3. Change the filter and observe that the 'count' of matching items does not update, because the old activity is getting the event instead of the new one. 
 PRB1067937App crashes on successive downloads from webview (non-cabrillo)After an initial download from a WebViewActivity is complete, initiating a second download from the same WebViewActivity can cause a crash.  
  1. Navigate to Knowledge on the app.
  2. Select or create a knowledge article that has an attachment.
  3. Load the article and perform a download of the attachment.
  4. Attempt to download the same attachment again.

Note the app crashes.


Fixes included with Android v3.1




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