Non-scripted search sources do not account for result scoring. This causes search results to be displayed out of order in Service Portal when there is a mix of scripted and non-scripted search sources.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. On an instance with Service Portal installed, go to sp_portal record and click the New button on the related list of search sources.

  2. Create a new search source using the following values:

    • Name: Incident Test
    • ID: int
    • Is scripted source: false
    • Table: incident
    • Conditions: [Active][is][true]
    • Primary display field: Number
    • Display fields: Short Description
  3. Identify a search to return any number of incidents with this search source as well as results from others.

  4. Navigate to the portal in question, perform a search in typeahead search box, and press Enter.

    Expected Behavior: All results ordered based on relevance using score as described above.

    Actual Behavior: Results for incidents appear first followed by the rest of the search results in the order expected.



Import the attached XML files for the typeahead_search and search_page widgets.

These widgets have replace on upgrade set to true to receive future updates.

Related Problem: PRB1065398

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