In the CAB demo data's cab_meeting records, Ical fields ('start_sdt', 'end_sdt') are not populated by default. If these fields are not populated, then meeting invitations won't be sent to the attendees

This issue occurs only with the demo data. If a user is creating new meetings, the fields are populated correctly and invitations can be sent as default.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to demonightlyistanbul OR demonightlyjakarta.
  2. Go to any demo cab meeting record
  3. Click on 'send meeting invites to attendees' related link
  4. Observe that emails won't go to the attendees.


Choose from one of the following workarounds:

Update the start / end meeting dates.

  1. Navigate to the cab_meeting
  2. Change the start/end meeting date field and update the record.

    Changing any of these fields, will trigger business logic which will populate the start_sdt and end_sdt fields.

  3. Change the start/end meeting back to the original and save the record.

Delete the demo data and upgrade the plugin (for users upgrading to Kingston).

  1. Delete the cab_definition and all the cab_meetings attached to it.

  2. Navigate to Change > Change Advisory Board > CAB Workbench and load the demo data.

    This will create new meetings, which would have all the *sdt fields populated properly.


Related Problem: PRB1082916

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